Our role in the information field in Hungary and surrounding areas

MineLight acts as a representative in Hungary for Minesoft Ltd, a UK-based provider of patent information solutions. We provide local sales and customer service support for all Minesoft products including PatBase, the online searchable full-text patent database.

We offer on-site or live online demonstrations on request and we also offer the opportunity to trial PatBase and other products free of charge.

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Minesoft offers a suite of products and services designed for patent professionals and research specialists including:
PatBase - searchable full-text database developed with RWS
PatentOrder - PDF patent document delivery service
PatentTracker - patent legal status tracking service
and many more...

For details on all of our products, please go to www.minesoft.com

In addition, MineLight provides general advice and guidance for clients and professionals in the information industry and also gives lectures for high school programmes and other events. We also can cooperate in organising of events in Hungary.

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